fabric for a hotel

How to choose the right fabric for a hotel?

Hotels are places where fabrics have to face really difficult tests. Damages, stains, cleaning agents, or other external factors, can leave their mark on the fabric.
Hot to choose the fabrics for a hotel so that they will enchant our guests for the longest possible time and at the same time serve their roles? What aspects to focus on when selecting hotel fabrics?

Hotel fabrics and safety

Hotels are regarded as public utility facilities. Therefore, they have to meet all security norms, including any fire safety regulations. This concerns both the building itself as well as any materials including fabrics.
All drapes, curtains, floor coverings, and other materials must meet the extremely rigorous criteria. That is why fire retardant fabrics are used in hotels. They are usually made from natural or synthetic fibers. They are also often impregnated which improves their properties.
Therefore, the fist criterion which we should follow when selecting hotel fabrics is safety. We should use fire retardant fabrics with the B1 mark. Such which possess special safety approvals and certificates.

What fabrics to choose for the hotel?

We already know that safety is the most important aspect. But can safety and esthetic values coexist? Because, among other things, they also have an impact on whether a guest will come back or whether it was his or her first and last visit.
What is primarily important is the quality. Don’t get cheap, but rather go for high quality hotel fabrics. They will not only ensure a better image of your hotel, but are going to also be more resistant to the difficulties of every-day use. This will result in the fact that we are going to be forced to exchange them much less frequently.
When selecting hotel fabrics it’s worth to consider their weight, resistance to discoloration, abrasions, or cleaning.
The second issue consists in the colors. The fabrics should be selected to fit the character of a given facility. It will be best if they blend with the backgrounds and not constitute a contrasting element.
The third thing is sound absorption. At a hotel the guest wants to relax, especially after a long trip. That is why it is important that the fabrics properly mute noises.
And finally a thing we should always keep in mind is the ability to blackout the interior. Most often two types of fabrics are used:

  • A decorative fabric as the outer layer,
  • A blackout fabric as the bottom layer.

What is important is for us not to strictly and blindly follow trends or fashions. They change often and if we would want to always be up to date then it might end in our bankruptcy.
We create universal interiors. Adjusted to the style of our hotel.


If we are facing a dilemma and wonder how to select hotel fabrics then let us focus primarily on safety. Purchase fire retardant fabrics, meeting fire safety norms. Fabrics possessing the B1 mark will be the best.
Furthermore, let us not follow the current fashion and trends. Try and create unique and at the same time universal interiors.
When selecting hotel fabrics keep also in mind their quality and resistance to external factors (light, water, cleaning agents). Also, take into consideration the weight, abrasion resistance, and the sound absorption level.
When acting in accordance with these guidelines you will select the perfect hotel fabrics. But more importantly, our guests are not only going to feel comfortable but will also surely return.