How to efficiently improve the acoustics of an interior?

If you are wondering how to quickly and efficiently improve the acoustics of an interior, reduce the arduousness of noise, and at the same time not invest large sums of money, choose acoustic curtains.

It is a solution which will work perfectly not only in an office, but also a conference room, and a sound studio. What are acoustic curtains, what are their advantages, and why is it worth to install them?

How to eliminate noise?

Noise makes communication more difficult, it exacerbates focusing, and results in reducing efficiency. That is why good acoustics play such an important role. The easiest way to limit this inconvenience is to take advantage of acoustic curtains. They will efficiently mute any sounds, significantly improve communication, and reduce the duration of reverb. Plush fabrics are the best ones for this job.


What are acoustic curtains?

Acoustic curtains are functional, elegant, and modern fabrics. Their universal character will make them perfectly fit almost any interior.

They will be ideal for an office, sound studio, theater, or concert hall. Especially in every location where reverb results from the used construction materials such as marble, concrete, or glass. They will efficiently mute undesired sounds and improve the acoustic insulation.

Sound absorbing curtains are made from high quality fabrics, adjusted to the needs of a given interior.



What are the advantages of sound absorbing curtains?

The main advantages of acoustic curtains include:

  • Noise reduction,
  • Improving communication,
  • Improving the wellbeing and comfort,
  • Reducing reverb.


Furthermore, sound absorbing fabrics are durable, as well as resistant to abrasions and the effects of external factors (such as for example sunlight or moisture).

Acoustic curtains are made from fire retardant fabrics so they may successfully be used in public utility facilities. At the same time they are light and elegant. Furthermore, many of them allow for light to go through thus, creating a pleasant space.



What is important when selecting sound-absorbing fabrics?

When deciding for specific acoustic curtains we should verify whether they meet certain norms. Primarily those related to fire safety.

Furthermore, let us take into consideration the sound absorption coefficient. The higher it is the more sound does the fabric absorb.

The fabric from which the curtain is made is also very important. One of the best fabrics for this is plush.

The shape of the curtain itself is also important. The more folds the better are its noise muting properties.




Acoustic curtains constitute a great solution which will efficiently help us to improve the acoustics of a specific interior. Sound absorbing fabrics will reduce unnecessary noise, mute sounds, and improve communication.

They are universal so they are going to work in almost any interior. They will meet their role perfectly in a theater, concert hall, or office.

It is important to select those sound absorbing curtains which meet the specific fire safety and sound absorption norms.