Plush- the best stage fabric

If you want your stage to look astonishingly, meet safety regulations, and provide the best acoustic experiences – choose plush. It is a fabric possessing unique properties. Perfect for theaters, concert halls, or cinemas.
It will constitute not only an element emphasizing the character of the room, but is also going to significantly improve the acoustics. Therefore, meet plush up and close.

What is plush?

Plush is a soft, pleasant to the touch, shiny fabric. It works perfectly well as an upholstery fabric. Made from 100% cotton, it is a natural fabric which is also regarded as one of the noblest ones.
Plush has been invented in India and came to the Old Continent in the 12th century. In Poland it was most popular in the 17th and 18th centuries.

The unique properties of plush

The plush fabric stands out with its high breathability. It is very airy and at the same time possesses thermal-insulation properties.
It mutes noises perfectly and reduces reverb. Thanks to this it significantly impacts the improvement of an interior’s acoustic properties. Plush makes interiors more comfortable and elegant, which translates into more comfort.
When additionally impregnated it becomes a fire retardant fabric, thanks to which it can be used in public utility facilities.

Types of plush
Plush can be divided into:

  • velvet,
  • velure,
  • corduroy,
  • velour.

Velvet – may be made from cotton, wool, or silk. It is a fabric used mainly to manufacture clothing. It may be smooth or decorative (so called jacquard). It is soft to the touch, elastic, and fluffy.
Velvet is a very durable fabric which is at the same time easy to maintain. It is also used as an upholstery fabric.

Velvet – has a delicate shine. It will work perfectly as an upholstery fabric for chairs, armchairs, or couches. Velvet constitutes a great fabric for coverlets because it can be easily laid out. It stands out with its high abrasion resistance and cleaning it does not pose any problems.

Corduroy – it’s a striated fabric used mainly to manufacture clothing. Although it may be used as an upholstery fabric for armchairs, couches, or sofas. Corduroy is highly resistant to abrasions and perfectly protects against cold. Despite the fact that it is a thick fabric, it is very pleasant to the touch.

Velour – it’s soft to the touch and has a delicate surface. It’s easy and simple to maintain and clean. It stands out with its high abrasion resistance due to which it can be used as a furniture upholstery fabric or for manufacturing clothes

Uses of plush

Plush fabric is perfect for public utility facilities such as: cinemas, theaters, concert-entertainment halls, conference facilities, restaurants, cultural centers, historical buildings, and private apartments.
Plush is a fabric which can absolutely be used for drapes, curtains, blinds, and also as an upholstery fabric.
Plush is primarily best for buildings with a large cubic capacity. Thanks to its sound absorbing properties it will significantly improve the acoustics.


Plush is one of the best stage fabrics. It will work perfectly as a decoration in a theater, concert hall, or a conference facility. It is fire retardant, durable, abrasion resistant, and breathable. Plush fabric perfectly mutes noise and improves the acoustics of a given interior. It creates a low-key atmosphere and has an impact on improving comfort.