Theatre curtains

The theatre is an interesting place, and visits to it leave pleasant memories. Its showpiece is functionality and convenience. There we can see the theatre curtain fulfilling a specific function during a show. The company NAZWA specializes in making professional theatre curtains for theatres and operas, as well as cultural centres and cinemas. A suitable theatre curtain provides a particularly intimate and elegant character of every auditorium. Above all, it helps in obtaining a spectacular effect of the presented show or film projection.

There is no theatre stage that is a problem for us. The entire theatre curtain is sewn according to the individual project, which includes all the necessary components.

A completely equipped stage must include the basic curtain elements:

  • curtain,
  • backstage,
  • pelmet (cornice board),
  • backdrop (i.e. so-called stage background).

All these pieces are sewn using the finest fabrics for the implementation of stage components. The cotton plush used for sewing curtains has the necessary certificates.

The customer may choose any necessary elements, their size, colour, and drapery.

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