Stage mechanisms

are primarily rails that are drawn manually and electrically. Such solutions are the basis for every stage. A properly designed system must carry the weight of the suspended curtain.

When designing the system, the following elements should be taken into account:

  • tracks,
  • rails,
  • stage barrels,
  • winches,
  • backstage,
  • control.

A popular component with our clients is aluminium trusses. They play the role of lighting bridges to which lighting, lamps, and other stage elements are mounted.

Curtain mechanisms will also be ideal for smaller, more intimate rooms, for instance for hanging curtains and blackout curtains. Solutions based on the rail system offered by our company give you the possibility to also apply the latest solutions in the home, studio, cinema or conference hall. This solution fulfils its role perfectly and it is an interesting and very practical interior setting. Our company offers ceiling rails, which are controlled manually and electrically. Due to the practicality and convenience of the curtain mechanisms, they continue to win the hearts of new clients. It is a guarantee of the highest quality materials that will fully bring out the beauty of the room.

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