Transport, installation, maintenance

We are convinced that every auditorium should be equipped in a way that audiences are provided with a unique atmosphere and an unforgettable experience. An inherent element of show venues is the curtain; of course, it wouldn’t be able to fulfil its function if not for the special mechanism that facilitates its opening and closing motion. We are pleased to offer our clients all these and other specialized devices.

We supply as well as install fully professional curtain systems or stage mechanisms. Regardless of the complexity of the design, we perform installations 100% according to the design requirements. Our technical team not only installs but also maintains the stage devices we supply.

We would like to stress that proper care of the technical condition of stage devices not only guarantees its safe use by your staff but also provides safety to bystanders. Adequate and timely maintenance extends the life of these devices, and also reduces the risk of serious failures. Because we care about our clients, our qualified staff will take care of every detail of your order.

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