Blackout curtains

Besides the decorative function, the curtains can also perform other tasks. Often, clients choose this practical solution for darkening rooms in the house or company meeting rooms.

Curtains used to be the greatest decoration of windows. And although in classic interiors thick blackout curtains are still common, they are less frequently used in modern interior designs. We offer darkening curtains made from so-called blackout fabrics. These are fabrics that resemble shiny satin. They make it possible to darken a room when we want to take a nap or simply hide from daylight. They are also ideal for bedrooms, reducing to a minimum the amount of incoming light emitted by street lamps. Therefore, they will contribute to blissful sleep.

Blackout curtains are available in a wide range of colours, which gives unlimited possibilities of arrangement. You can choose between colours of milky coffee, berries or sand shades. Blackout curtains kept in this tone perfectly emphasize the atmosphere of any interior. The blackout properties are ensured by the appropriate material components.

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