Stage fabrics

Stage fabrics – what should characterize them?

Stage fabrics play an incredibly important role. They are not only responsible for the esthetic experience but also impact the acoustics of a given building and thus, also the reception of the show, concert, or opera. Safety issues are as important as practical reasons related mostly with keeping the fabrics in the best possible condition.
That is why properly selecting stage fabrics is incredibly important. So let’s look at the key issues which one should focus on when deciding on specific stage fabrics.

The safety of stage fabrics

Rigorous fire safety norms have to be met in all public utility facilities which include:

  • Cinemas,
  • Theaters,
  • Concert-entertainment halls,
  • Cultural centers,
  • Clubs.

These norms refer also to the materials used in these buildings, which includes the fabrics.
Stage fabrics should be fire retardant with the B1 flammability mark. Only such fabrics guarantee the highest level of fire safety. They limit material losses and allow for a safe evacuation.

What materials to use for stage fabrics?

We should choose stage fabrics made from breathable materials. However, the acoustics play a key role. Stage fabrics should properly mute noises, reduce reverb, and make sound spread evenly.

Taking care of stage fabrics

Cleaning and taking care of stage fabrics is also important when choosing them. It’s worth to select fabrics which are easy to maintain, resistant to abrasions and cleaning. Stain resistant fabrics, from which any stains and dirt can easily and quickly be cleaned, should be selected for seat upholstery.
We should also not forget to choose fabrics which keep their initial form after cleaning. Don’t change their shape, tear, or wrinkle. This will also have an impact on the comfort of those visiting us.
Stage fabrics also create the mood and atmosphere of a given location. Let us select them in such a way as to make them emphasize the character of the interior and not constitute a contrasting element because that can completely ruin the visuals of a given space.


Stage fabrics are extremely important. They, to a large degree, impact the reception of a given show, concert, or play. They decide not only about the esthetics but most importantly about the acoustics. These fabrics should properly absorb sounds, emphasize and extend it so that it is perfectly audible.
Furthermore, stage fabrics emphasize the unique character of a given facility and create its atmosphere.
Additionally they have to meet certain fire safety norms. It is immensely important in the context of regulations which those managing public utility facilities have to follow. According to the provisions of the law stage fabrics must be fire retardant and meet the extremely rigorous regulations. It’s best to choose those with a B1 certificate. They guarantee the highest quality of fire safety.