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Theatre curtains

We offer a fully equipped stage including a grand curtain, backstage, pelmet, and backdrop.

Blackout curtains

Blackout curtains are available in a wide range of colours for different variants of set designs.

Stage mechanisms

We offer stage mechanisms on a manually and electrically sliding rail.


We specialize in sewing stage curtains, door curtains, using high-quality fabrics.

Curtains and screens

We offer acoustic and thermal insulation curtains. The selection of fabrics, colours and patterns are determined with the client individually for the specific project.

Transport, installation, maintenance

Comprehensive services including transport, installation, and maintenance are included in the price of the order.

Area of activity

Stage designing. Consulting in planning stage space. Help in choosing the elements of stage technology and implementation method of the investment. Proposal of creative solutions for the home, office, public facilities. Systems of acoustic, thermal insulation and shading curtains.

About the company

LOOKBAN is a company that operates on the market of fabrics and stage mechanisms. We provide versatile solutions for the entertainment, cultural and business industries. Our products are intended for facilities such as cultural centres, theatres, conference rooms, cinemas, recording studios, home living rooms. Offer

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Technical fabrics
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Technical fabrics and their use

Fabrics accompany man since the dawn of time and are related to almost every field of life. We can distinguish utility, decorative, and also technical fabrics. What characterizes technical fabrics? Where are technical fabrics used and what are their types? We answer all of these questions in our article.

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upholstery fabrics
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Upholstery fabrics – a short characteristic

Upholstery fabrics play a very significant role. They initially emphasize the character of a given interior, and have an esthetic purpose. However, what is also significant are their acoustic properties which acquire special significance in cinemas, theaters, and concert halls.
So how to properly select an upholstery fabric? What guidelines to follow and what parameters to consider?

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Plush- the best stage fabric

If you want your stage to look astonishingly, meet safety regulations, and provide the best acoustic experiences – choose plush. It is a fabric possessing unique properties. Perfect for theaters, concert halls, or cinemas.
It will constitute not only an element emphasizing the character of the room, but is also going to significantly improve the acoustics. Therefore, meet plush up and close.

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